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Why Paneer Deserves a Spot in Your Diet as a Superfood?

Paneer, also known as Indian cheese, is a superfood that retains a special spot in Indian cuisine. Unlike other forms of cheese, it has nutritional marvels that fulfil the body’s protein and calcium requirements while satiating the taste buds. Whether you seek low-fat paneer online or prepare it at home by curdling the mild with an acidic substance, its high nutritional value will reward your body with sound health.


Here’s why paneer deserves a permanent space in your meals



Unbeatably versatile


For starters, paneer is incredibly versatile. The low-fat paneer you can find online typically has a mild flavour and firm texture, allowing it to adapt seamlessly to any dish it’s added to. Whether you feel like having something spicy? Just soak up paneer chunks in those intense curries. Are you in the mood for something more delicate? It can be baked into a crust or sautéed with veggies. Is your sweet tooth acting up? Paneer pairs perfectly with syrupy desserts, too. Therefore, panner is undoubtedly a total culinary chameleon.



Stellar nutritional profile


And let’s not forget that it packs a nutritional punch, too. Paneer can keep you satiated and nourished with a solid hit of protein plus calcium, phosphorus, and riboflavin. A little goes a long way in adding some heft and nutrients to your meals.





Paneer is affordable and value for money compared to other protein sources like meat or fish. Just a small amount can pack a protein punch without breaking the bank. A little cubed or crumbled paneer adds nutritious heft to veggies, grains, and curries without overshooting your grocery budget. You get more nutritional value for your buck when comparing paneer packet prices to other protein sources.



Rich in flavours


But it’s not just nutrition that makes paneer a pantry must-have. Its delicious and unique flavour profile is the crowning reason to always keep some on hand. Best quality paneer is like a flavour sponge, making it versatile across both sweet and savoury applications.



Unveiling the nutritional marvels of paneer


This fresh, soft cheese popular in South Asian cuisine may not get all the superfood hype, but it delivers an incredible nutritional payload. We’re talking about protein, calcium, antioxidants, and much more.


Most of us love saag paneer and mattar paneer, but we usually have no idea how many vitamins and minerals are packed into those delicious cubes. Paneer is a nutritional overachiever that is packed with ample health benefits. Paneer can do everything from strong bones to muscle building to metabolism and beyond.



Protein power


When it comes to nutritional prowess, protein is one area where paneer really shines. A 100-gram serving contains about 11 grams of protein, making it an excellent plant-based source for this essential macro. Protein provides the amino acids our bodies need to build muscle, bone, and tissue. It also helps keep you feeling fuller for longer after a meal.


Compared to other vegetarian protein sources like tofu and lentils, paneer is higher in protein ounce for ounce. All those cubes in your saag paneer or mattar paneer pack a hefty protein punch. Just a single serving can provide nearly a quarter of your recommended daily intake.



Calcium: A bone-building bonus


In addition to protein, paneer is an excellent source of calcium, providing about 208 mg per 100 grams. Calcium is essential for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth. It also supports nerve signalling, muscle contraction, and heartbeat regulation.


Many people fall short of their recommended calcium intake, putting them at higher risk for osteoporosis later in life. Adding the best quality paneer to your diet through dishes like paneer tikka masala can help you meet your daily calcium needs to keep your bones strong and healthy.



Vitamins and minerals rich


Beyond the protein and calcium, the nutrient diversity in paneer promotes good health:


– Phosphorus – Helps form bones and teeth, supports energy production, and assists with nutrient absorption

– Conjugated linoleic acid – An antioxidant that may help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease

– Riboflavin – Important for cell growth, production of red blood cells, and converting food to energy  

– Potassium – Helps muscles contract and regulates fluid balance

– Magnesium – Supports bone health, immune system function, blood pressure, and energy levels

More than just a nutritional overachiever, paneer deserves its superfood status for its sheer deliciousness. Paneer manufacturer ensures that their fresh paneer has a distinctive milky sweetness paired with savoury, salty undertones, making it far more flavourful than typical protein sources. Paneer’s soft, creamy texture creates a melt-in-your-mouth experience when baked, sautéed, or simmered.





Whether you prefer it in a mildly spiced palak paneer or intensely flavoured curry, paneer’s ability to absorb and complement flavours shines. The rich taste and versatility of the best quality paneer also keep mealtimes exciting. For an affordable, accessible ingredient that delivers both nutrition and flavour, look no further than the superfood powers of paneer.

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The Sweet Sensation: Paneer Jalebi and Its Cultural Significance

Jalebi has long been the evergreen favorite of North Indians. Any celebration seems incomplete without jalebis, as when people buy sweets for festivals, jalebi is always on the list of many. Since jalebi is a weakness everyone shares, it has become a part of our culture. But like everything, jalebis have also undergone some changes. As the saying goes, changes bring something good and bad. This is also the case with Jalebi. Much experimentation has been done with jalebis.

The ingredients used in jalebis have been altered. The reasons may differ for different people. While people no wonder have a sweet tooth, they do want something unique. In that sequence of things, khoya and paneer have also been tried as ingredients. The latter 0has given birth to a delightful recipe called paneer jalebi.


Ananda Paneer Jalebi, 100g : Amazon.in: Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Origin of Jalebi

Jalebi might sound like a Hindi word, but the origin of the word is Persian. It is derived from zalabiya, a dessert popular in the Middle East. This dessert made its advent into India, most probably through the Parsis, who introduced it to our culture. Parsis landed in Gujarat, so jalebi is still a popular dish in this state. Nowadays, when sweet cravings knock the belly, people often find themselves placing meethaiyaan online orders and relishing jalebi with fafda, a fried, crispy, crunchy snack.

Adoption of Jalebi in the Indian Sub-Continent

The adoption of jalebis in the Indian sub-continent took several centuries. In the medieval times, it was known by names like jalavallika, kundalika, and more. Eventually, it became known as jalebi, a variant of the original name. The dish finds a mention in Sanskrit and Jain texts also. It is now eaten across the country on occasions like weddings and even in the form of prasadam at temples. The dish is particularly popular among children because it is incredibly sweet. The trend of eating this sweet dish with kachori is a custom on Independence Day, along with flying kites. A much-loved combination among food enthusiasts is Rabri and Jalebi. The combination makes Jalebi even more mouth-watering and has become part of many Diwali Mithai gift boxes.

The Preparation

The recipe of jalebi might look simple, but many intricacies are involved, making preparing an authentic dish difficult. First, the cone used to pour the batter in the form of coils is made of special cloth. A small hole is made in the cloth and stitched so that appropriate pressure is applied and the batter flows smoothly and in the right thickness. This will make the jalebis thin and crisp. A wide-mouthed shallow pan is used for making jalebis. The batter for making jalebis has to be of the right consistency.

The sugar syrup used for dipping fried swirls of batter is also prepared, keeping in mind the fact that it shouldn’t be too light or too heavy. Testing the consistency of the syrup before dipping the coils is necessary.

Experiments with Jalebi

Regional variants of jalebi appeared in medieval times. These variants appeared to satiate the different tastes of people. Jalebi is made with dry fruits and khowa in Hyderabad and Bhopal. In Bengal, paneer is used as an ingredient, and the recipe is called chhanarjilipi. In Indore, it is called Jaleba. The popularity of jalebi has reached the southern states also where it is called jalebi.

Imarti is a variant that looks and tastes like jalebi except that it has a flower-like shape, unlike the chaotic swirls of jalebis. Imarti is prepared with a batter made with grounded urad dal.

How Did Paneer Give a Twist to the Ubiquitous Jalebi?

Usually, people prefer Jalebi occasionally, as the use of refined flour or maida has made it even more unpopular among the health-conscious. Food lovers have tried making it with whole wheat but without much success. Cottage cheese or fresh chena was never tried. And nobody bothered to give it a try. However, top brands realised that with paneer, a twist could be given to this ubiquitous dish. Paneer, as we know, is quite nutritious with many health benefits. Apart from having a high protein content, it provides instant energy to us.

The Recipe for Making Paneer Jalebi

Making the dish requires a lot of patience, and one needs to follow the instructions very closely. Care must be taken to ensure that the paneer is mashed properly before mixing it with the maida batter. Having the right batter is the most important thing; it should have the right consistency. While the normal way of making jalebi is dipping it directly into the sugar syrup paneer, jalebi needs to be cooled down and then dipped into the sugar syrup. Owing to its popularity, people nowadays include paneer jalebi in the Diwali mithai gift box for their friends and relatives.


Jalebi, a beloved North Indian sweet, has evolved with time, introducing new ingredients like khoya and paneer. Health-conscious choices led to paneer jalebi, offering a nutritious twist with its high protein paneer ingredient. Commercial food processors have modernised production, ensuring uniformity and consistency. Today, technology optimises the process while preserving jalebi’s beloved taste and texture, offering a delightful sweet for festivals and special occasions for generations.

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Join Ananda Dairy’s Mission to Bring Quality Dairy Products to Every Home

All of us deserve quality products and dairy products are essential items we cannot afford to ignore. Among all dairy product manufacturers, Ananda Dairy holds an unmatched reputation for providing quality dairy products. All of them should join Ananda Dairy’s mission to bring quality dairy products to every home.


Use of quality milk

Ananda Dairy recognizes the importance of using quality milk for manufacturing dairy products. Cow ghee is specially made from superior quality and nutritionally rich milk of cows that have been allowed to graze in the open. White butter is prepared with full-fat fresh milk. While most paneer brands in India use skim milk to make paneer, Ananda Dairy uses full-fat buffalo milk to make it soft and creamy.


Ananda Dairy's Mission to Bring Quality Dairy Products

Packaging of the products

Most paneer brands in India will not have vacuum packaging technology. But, vacuum packing by Ananda Dairy removes all extra air and moisture to ensure that the paneer remains fresh till it reaches the consumer. Flavored milk brands in India like Ananda Dairy ensures that the bottles are seal-capped. Packaging of white butter in waxed paper makes its usage convenient.


Processes followed

Most of the dairy products made traditionally tend to have a lesser shelf-life. Dairy product manufacturers use techniques that will add shelf-life to the products. A mix of both traditional and modern techniques is used by them to ensure that the consumers get a quality product. A vapor separator is used to remove the excess moisture while manufacturing ghee. Most paneer brands in India will use concentrated citric acid to prepare paneer. Ananda Dairy, however, uses fresh lemon juice for making paneer. Heat treatment of the milk is done before going ahead to make paneer which removes the moisture from the milk ensuring the paneer is more consistent.


Nutrients in the dairy products

Most flavored milk brands in India will consider fortifying the drink with nutrients. But dairy product manufacturers like Ananda Dairy ensure that essential nutrients are not lost during processing and also add nutrients. Cow ghee produced by Ananda Dairy is rich in Vitamin A, and Vitamin D. Ananda Dairy paneer is rich in Vitamin-12 as well as minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium.


Good for the health-conscious

Several variants are made available for consumers, and dairy product with low fat is considered healthier. However, the taste may differ. The low-fat paneer produced by dairy product manufacturers will not taste the same as regular paneer. Ananda Dairy makes sure that the low-fat paneer tastes as good as full-fat paneer, making it good for the health-conscious.

Cow ghee produced by Ananda Dairy is rich in MUFA and PUFA, making it good for people with coronary heart disease. Herbs like Brahmi, Tulsi, Arjun, Bael, Shatavari, and Ashwagandha make it excellent for expecting women. It also stimulates stomach acid, which improves digestion.

Ananda Dairy Paneer can be consumed by people who have diabetes. Since it is rich in Potassium, it will also help patients with hypertension. It is a misconception that flavored milk is not good for health. But contrary to what people think, it can meet the Calcium requirement without increasing fat and calorie intake. While white butter is considered unhealthy, Ananda Dairy ensures it is rich in lecithin to aid metabolism.

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Ensuring Freshness and Quality: The Role of Supply Chain Management in the Dairy Industry

With the population of India growing, ensuring food security is becoming important. Milk and milk products that are rich in proteins can help in ensuring that people get proteins in their diet. The quality and freshness of milk and milk products decide whether people derive the maximum nutrition from them. Since a strong supply chain plays a significant role in the freshness and quality of milk products, Milk Brands In India lay a strong emphasis on supply chain management.


Establishing a relationship with dairy farmers

Sourcing raw materials is an essential part of supply chain management, and Dairy Industry is no exception to it. Ananda Dairy believes in establishing a strong relationship with dairy farmers. We support them in producing quality milk that will be nutritious. As part of a holistic approach, all Milk Brands in India should be concerned about looking after the needs of the dairy farmers. The best cow milk in India is produced by farmers who maintain healthy cows, which in turn depends on cow feed and better breeds.


State-of-the-art collection centers at village-level

To ensure fresh milk reaches the consumers, Ananda Dairy has set up state-of-the-art milk collection centers at the village level. In order for people to get the Best Cow Milk in India, these centers are equipped to check the fat and SNF content of the raw milk.


Chilling centers that store milk at less than 4 degree Celsius

Since the freshness of the raw milk should be maintained till it reaches the processing plant, logistics plays a crucial part in the supply chain management of the dairy industry. All the raw milk that is collected at collection centers is transported by the shortest possible route to the chilling centers. Skilled manpower is deployed at the chilling center to check the milk for any chemical residues like antibiotics and growth hormones. It is necessary to ensure that raw milk is free from adulterants to produce A2 milk.


Insulated tanker trucks supply the milk from chilling Centers to processing plants

Raw milk stored in stainless silos is supplied to the processing plants using insulated tanker trucks. Milk Brands in India make sure that the batches of raw milk delivered to the processing plants have been checked for purity. IoT-based devices are used to track the batches.


Processing of the raw milk at plants

Dairy supply chains will be incomplete without a processing plant. All premium dairy products, including cow milk ghee, are produced at the processing plant. The raw milk is pasteurized at the plant using the latest techniques like UHT that preserve the nutrients. UHT also increases the shelf-life of the milk. Fat-soluble vitamins are added to the milk is added to enhance its quality. Various grades of milk, including toned milk, is produced here by separating the cream. Packaging is done in HDPE or high-density polyethylene that is light in weight and strong.


Distribution of the dairy products

All Milk Brands in India have to depend on distributors to supply their processed products to retailers. Therefore, they have a contractual agreement with distributors in all regions for supplying dairy products. The distributors use refrigerated trucks to supply the products to retailers including convenience stores and neighborhood groceries. However, Ananda Dairy has also set up its own outlets in many parts of India.

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From waste to fuel: Improving the health and livelihood of farmers with biogas plant distribution in Bulandshahar

In recent times, the importance of having access to healthy and sustainable energy sources has become more crucial than ever before. With the rise of respiratory disorders, particularly in rural areas, there is a pressing need to find clean, non-polluting sources of energy. This is where biogas comes in as a viable solution. Not only is biogas a cleaner fuel, but it also requires minimal investment, making it an accessible option for households in rural areas. The production of fuel is possible from 22 kg of cow dung at each biogas plant. This fuel serves cooking needs for 45 days, marking a relief for rural housewives who do not need to use traditional wood or coal as fuel. Biogas adoption is a convenient, safe, and affordable option that ultimately safeguards their health.

Ananda dairy

Agriculture investments have become challenging as the input expenditure involving fertilizers surges. The natural compost generated through the biogas plant fermentation process could substitute as an organic fertilizer for farming purposes. The compost thus produced helps improve soil productivity. The importance of embracing renewable energy resources, such as biogas in particular, cannot be undermined. Biogas is a preferable alternative to expensive fossil fuels and equally less polluting, given its cost-free nature. On top of that, biogas plants could potentially solve the issue of waste management in the villages. Therefore, the promotion of biogas as an energy resource is an ideal shift for a cleaner environment.

Ananda has taken commendable initiatives to promote the use of biogas in the rural parts of India. That is why we at Ananda are proud to announce our recent efforts to support the rural communities in Siyana tehsil of Bulandshahar District. By distributing 25 biogas plants to local dairy farmers, we hope to provide them with a reliable and cost-effective source of fuel for cooking, while also promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Through our partnership with the State Bank of India we are pleased to have been able to make this initiative a reality. Our aim is to get many more biogas plants.

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Ananda – The Best Milk Company in India, Providing Sustainable Livelihood

Ananda is a renowned organization designed to uplift the standard of living of the people. The organization works to improve sustainability & livelihood programs in terms of delivering products made with milk. The store offers dairy products like paneer, cow ghee, Rabdi, butter, dahi and lassi.

Best Milk Company in India
Best Milk Company in India

The company, with a high-end expertise in offering dairy products, has focused exceptionally on dairy farming by organizing strong programs. It works directly with the farmers to promote sustainable agricultural products. Here is how you can benefit from Ananda, the best milk company in India.

How do consumers benefit from A2 milk?

A2 milk is in itself a wholesome diet for every age group of people. A vital part of a well-balanced diet, it contains essential nutrients. These A2 cow milk are dense with nutrients like Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Potassium and Calcium. Strong bones are inevitable for healthy and sustained living. So, when you consume A2 cow milk, it releases a specific kind of amino acid, which helps to balance & smooth the functioning of our immune system. Notably, A2 protein milk offers noteworthy advantages in this regard. Here are more factors about Ananda cow milk that play a crucial role in balancing overall wellness

How is A2 milk from Ananda different from regular milk?

When it comes to taste, A2 protein milk tastes the same as regular milk. Many people have different thoughts about the taste; some call it tasty, while others call it not so tasty. No matter what the taste is but yes, it has huge health benefits, as mentioned below.

Better digestion: The most important reason why people love this milk is it has a better digestive system. Especially people going through IBS or irritable bowel syndrome get improved benefits. In addition, it also benefits in terms of constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, acid reflux and more.

Lower the cholesterol level: AS compared to regular cow milk, A2 protein milk has a low level of carbohydrates and fat level. These two components help to minimize the cholesterol level.

Get help from weight loss: A2 protein milk aids weight loss, where A2 milk contains linoleic acid that promotes the shedding of body fat. Moreover, A2 milk helps to lower the calories, which has fewer carbs & fats.

Improved skin care: As per the research, A2 milk contains a high amount of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that protects skin cells from damage caused by UV rays. It helps to protect you from ageing and wrinkles. It also helps to protect you through stronger bones & healthy nails.

A healthy pregnancy: A2 milk is a great source of protein and calcium that helps pregnant women. Alongside this, it also helps newborn babies. This milk contains vitamin D and promotes the bone health of both the child & mother. It contains better calcium than regular milk.

Enriched with vitamins: A2 milk is rich in vitamins due to the high quantity of vitamin B12 contained in it. It helps to improve nerve growth as well as the formation of red blood cells. Along with vitamins, it contains nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, sodium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, molybdenum, and chromium.

In addition, Ananda cow milk also helps to improve your immune system, lower the risk of diabetes and maintain bone mass.

Owing to all these reasons, it would be worthwhile to prefer Ananda, the best milk company in India for your daily dairy needs.

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Ananda – One of the Best Dairy Product Manufacturers in India

The Indian dairy market is quite large, owing to the significant numbers of consumers in each of its states. It doesn’t include milk sales only in different arrangements, like cartons, cans, or packets. Instead, the dairy industry includes butter, cottage cheese, cheese, clarified butter or ghee, and many other milk-based products. As a result, most dairy product manufacturers have excellent opportunities to make profits, owing to the high number of product categories and the versatility of each group.

Although many manufacturers exist in the market, Ananda has become quite popular. Not just being a dairy manufacturing company but a brand name that wishes to take the Indian dairy market to a new level. So, before you reach any conclusion or buy milk, ghee, or curd, the following are some of the reasons why it has become one of the best dairy product manufacturers in India.

Huge product base

Ananda has a vast product base, including fresh cow milk, cow ghee, curd, paneer, butter, and more. Therefore, you will get a plethora of options to choose from, which is indeed one of the USPs of the company. Besides, each product category further offers multiple products, thus ensuring the company can fulfill the needs of most customers in the country.

Years of experience

The brand is a trustworthy name in the market thanks to more than three decades of experience in manufacturing different products like low fat paneer, skimmed milk, curd, and more. Over the years, Ananda has been exceptionally successful in obtaining a secure place for itself in the market. Therefore, customers don’t need to worry about product quality, nutritional content, or other aspects.

Milk sourced from farmers

One of the best things about Ananda is that it procures milk directly from the farmers. It cares not involve any third party in the procurement cycle of the entire supply chain, which accounts for its guaranteed quality. It produces one of the best cow milk in India, along with other products. From collaborating with more dairy partners to shipping the milk in sterilized and high-quality tanks to the manufacturing units, every single phase is under the direct monitoring of the farmers,

Higher turnover goal

Ananda has set a huge goal to achieve in terms of turnover by FY2030, which makes way for an impressive market size among dairy product manufacturers. By driving higher product quality and by taking the best dairy farms on board, it has adopted several principles and plans to ensure it can soon meet the turnover goal and become the largest dairy manufacturer in the country.

Standard product quality

The company has adopted the standard product quality policy to ensure every product leaving their manufacturing unit has a 100% mark in terms of quality. To become the top name in the Indian dairy market, the manufacturer offers the best cow milk in India along with several other subsidiary products like ghee, butter, paneer, curd, and many more. It tests all the products before sending to the market to make sure they meet all the requisite quality and safety standards without any compromise.

Wrapping up

To conclude, Ananda is slowly catching up with one of the best dairy product manufacturers in India. All of its products exhibit sheer quality and high standards at affordable costs, thus tempting customers to prefer them to other brands. You can order your favourite product right through Ananda’s mobile app. So, order the product you need the most today itself.


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Ananda Dahi is India’s No. 1 Plain Curd. Anand karo!

A Consumer Voice Report conducted a series of surveys & tests to determine which dairy brands in India produce the best Plain & Probiotic curd.

Ananda Dahi is India’s No. 1 Plain Curd. Anand karo!
Ananda Dahi is India’s No. 1 Plain Curd. Anand karo!

The findings of their test determined that Ananda Dahi is India’s No. 1 in the Plain curd category and best for consumption. 

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