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Join Ananda Dairy’s Mission to Bring Quality Dairy Products to Every Home

All of us deserve quality products and dairy products are essential items we cannot afford to ignore. Among all dairy product manufacturers, Ananda Dairy holds an unmatched reputation for providing quality dairy products. All of them should join Ananda Dairy’s mission to bring quality dairy products to every home.


Use of quality milk

Ananda Dairy recognizes the importance of using quality milk for manufacturing dairy products. Cow ghee is specially made from superior quality and nutritionally rich milk of cows that have been allowed to graze in the open. White butter is prepared with full-fat fresh milk. While most paneer brands in India use skim milk to make paneer, Ananda Dairy uses full-fat buffalo milk to make it soft and creamy.


Ananda Dairy's Mission to Bring Quality Dairy Products

Packaging of the products

Most paneer brands in India will not have vacuum packaging technology. But, vacuum packing by Ananda Dairy removes all extra air and moisture to ensure that the paneer remains fresh till it reaches the consumer. Flavored milk brands in India like Ananda Dairy ensures that the bottles are seal-capped. Packaging of white butter in waxed paper makes its usage convenient.


Processes followed

Most of the dairy products made traditionally tend to have a lesser shelf-life. Dairy product manufacturers use techniques that will add shelf-life to the products. A mix of both traditional and modern techniques is used by them to ensure that the consumers get a quality product. A vapor separator is used to remove the excess moisture while manufacturing ghee. Most paneer brands in India will use concentrated citric acid to prepare paneer. Ananda Dairy, however, uses fresh lemon juice for making paneer. Heat treatment of the milk is done before going ahead to make paneer which removes the moisture from the milk ensuring the paneer is more consistent.


Nutrients in the dairy products

Most flavored milk brands in India will consider fortifying the drink with nutrients. But dairy product manufacturers like Ananda Dairy ensure that essential nutrients are not lost during processing and also add nutrients. Cow ghee produced by Ananda Dairy is rich in Vitamin A, and Vitamin D. Ananda Dairy paneer is rich in Vitamin-12 as well as minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium.


Good for the health-conscious

Several variants are made available for consumers, and dairy product with low fat is considered healthier. However, the taste may differ. The low-fat paneer produced by dairy product manufacturers will not taste the same as regular paneer. Ananda Dairy makes sure that the low-fat paneer tastes as good as full-fat paneer, making it good for the health-conscious.

Cow ghee produced by Ananda Dairy is rich in MUFA and PUFA, making it good for people with coronary heart disease. Herbs like Brahmi, Tulsi, Arjun, Bael, Shatavari, and Ashwagandha make it excellent for expecting women. It also stimulates stomach acid, which improves digestion.

Ananda Dairy Paneer can be consumed by people who have diabetes. Since it is rich in Potassium, it will also help patients with hypertension. It is a misconception that flavored milk is not good for health. But contrary to what people think, it can meet the Calcium requirement without increasing fat and calorie intake. While white butter is considered unhealthy, Ananda Dairy ensures it is rich in lecithin to aid metabolism.

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