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Ensuring Freshness and Quality: The Role of Supply Chain Management in the Dairy Industry

With the population of India growing, ensuring food security is becoming important. Milk and milk products that are rich in proteins can help in ensuring that people get proteins in their diet. The quality and freshness of milk and milk products decide whether people derive the maximum nutrition from them. Since a strong supply chain plays a significant role in the freshness and quality of milk products, Milk Brands In India lay a strong emphasis on supply chain management.


Establishing a relationship with dairy farmers

Sourcing raw materials is an essential part of supply chain management, and Dairy Industry is no exception to it. Ananda Dairy believes in establishing a strong relationship with dairy farmers. We support them in producing quality milk that will be nutritious. As part of a holistic approach, all Milk Brands in India should be concerned about looking after the needs of the dairy farmers. The best cow milk in India is produced by farmers who maintain healthy cows, which in turn depends on cow feed and better breeds.


State-of-the-art collection centers at village-level

To ensure fresh milk reaches the consumers, Ananda Dairy has set up state-of-the-art milk collection centers at the village level. In order for people to get the Best Cow Milk in India, these centers are equipped to check the fat and SNF content of the raw milk.


Chilling centers that store milk at less than 4 degree Celsius

Since the freshness of the raw milk should be maintained till it reaches the processing plant, logistics plays a crucial part in the supply chain management of the dairy industry. All the raw milk that is collected at collection centers is transported by the shortest possible route to the chilling centers. Skilled manpower is deployed at the chilling center to check the milk for any chemical residues like antibiotics and growth hormones. It is necessary to ensure that raw milk is free from adulterants to produce A2 milk.


Insulated tanker trucks supply the milk from chilling Centers to processing plants

Raw milk stored in stainless silos is supplied to the processing plants using insulated tanker trucks. Milk Brands in India make sure that the batches of raw milk delivered to the processing plants have been checked for purity. IoT-based devices are used to track the batches.


Processing of the raw milk at plants

Dairy supply chains will be incomplete without a processing plant. All premium dairy products, including cow milk ghee, are produced at the processing plant. The raw milk is pasteurized at the plant using the latest techniques like UHT that preserve the nutrients. UHT also increases the shelf-life of the milk. Fat-soluble vitamins are added to the milk is added to enhance its quality. Various grades of milk, including toned milk, is produced here by separating the cream. Packaging is done in HDPE or high-density polyethylene that is light in weight and strong.


Distribution of the dairy products

All Milk Brands in India have to depend on distributors to supply their processed products to retailers. Therefore, they have a contractual agreement with distributors in all regions for supplying dairy products. The distributors use refrigerated trucks to supply the products to retailers including convenience stores and neighborhood groceries. However, Ananda Dairy has also set up its own outlets in many parts of India.

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