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Ananda – One of the Best Dairy Product Manufacturers in India

The Indian dairy market is quite large, owing to the significant numbers of consumers in each of its states. It doesn’t include milk sales only in different arrangements, like cartons, cans, or packets. Instead, the dairy industry includes butter, cottage cheese, cheese, clarified butter or ghee, and many other milk-based products. As a result, most dairy product manufacturers have excellent opportunities to make profits, owing to the high number of product categories and the versatility of each group.

Although many manufacturers exist in the market, Ananda has become quite popular. Not just being a dairy manufacturing company but a brand name that wishes to take the Indian dairy market to a new level. So, before you reach any conclusion or buy milk, ghee, or curd, the following are some of the reasons why it has become one of the best dairy product manufacturers in India.

Huge product base

Ananda has a vast product base, including fresh cow milk, cow ghee, curd, paneer, butter, and more. Therefore, you will get a plethora of options to choose from, which is indeed one of the USPs of the company. Besides, each product category further offers multiple products, thus ensuring the company can fulfill the needs of most customers in the country.

Years of experience

The brand is a trustworthy name in the market thanks to more than three decades of experience in manufacturing different products like low fat paneer, skimmed milk, curd, and more. Over the years, Ananda has been exceptionally successful in obtaining a secure place for itself in the market. Therefore, customers don’t need to worry about product quality, nutritional content, or other aspects.

Milk sourced from farmers

One of the best things about Ananda is that it procures milk directly from the farmers. It cares not involve any third party in the procurement cycle of the entire supply chain, which accounts for its guaranteed quality. It produces one of the best cow milk in India, along with other products. From collaborating with more dairy partners to shipping the milk in sterilized and high-quality tanks to the manufacturing units, every single phase is under the direct monitoring of the farmers,

Higher turnover goal

Ananda has set a huge goal to achieve in terms of turnover by FY2030, which makes way for an impressive market size among dairy product manufacturers. By driving higher product quality and by taking the best dairy farms on board, it has adopted several principles and plans to ensure it can soon meet the turnover goal and become the largest dairy manufacturer in the country.

Standard product quality

The company has adopted the standard product quality policy to ensure every product leaving their manufacturing unit has a 100% mark in terms of quality. To become the top name in the Indian dairy market, the manufacturer offers the best cow milk in India along with several other subsidiary products like ghee, butter, paneer, curd, and many more. It tests all the products before sending to the market to make sure they meet all the requisite quality and safety standards without any compromise.

Wrapping up

To conclude, Ananda is slowly catching up with one of the best dairy product manufacturers in India. All of its products exhibit sheer quality and high standards at affordable costs, thus tempting customers to prefer them to other brands. You can order your favourite product right through Ananda’s mobile app. So, order the product you need the most today itself.


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