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From waste to fuel: Improving the health and livelihood of farmers with biogas plant distribution in Bulandshahar

In recent times, the importance of having access to healthy and sustainable energy sources has become more crucial than ever before. With the rise of respiratory disorders, particularly in rural areas, there is a pressing need to find clean, non-polluting sources of energy. This is where biogas comes in as a viable solution. Not only is biogas a cleaner fuel, but it also requires minimal investment, making it an accessible option for households in rural areas. The production of fuel is possible from 22 kg of cow dung at each biogas plant. This fuel serves cooking needs for 45 days, marking a relief for rural housewives who do not need to use traditional wood or coal as fuel. Biogas adoption is a convenient, safe, and affordable option that ultimately safeguards their health.

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Agriculture investments have become challenging as the input expenditure involving fertilizers surges. The natural compost generated through the biogas plant fermentation process could substitute as an organic fertilizer for farming purposes. The compost thus produced helps improve soil productivity. The importance of embracing renewable energy resources, such as biogas in particular, cannot be undermined. Biogas is a preferable alternative to expensive fossil fuels and equally less polluting, given its cost-free nature. On top of that, biogas plants could potentially solve the issue of waste management in the villages. Therefore, the promotion of biogas as an energy resource is an ideal shift for a cleaner environment.

Ananda has taken commendable initiatives to promote the use of biogas in the rural parts of India. That is why we at Ananda are proud to announce our recent efforts to support the rural communities in Siyana tehsil of Bulandshahar District. By distributing 25 biogas plants to local dairy farmers, we hope to provide them with a reliable and cost-effective source of fuel for cooking, while also promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Through our partnership with the State Bank of India we are pleased to have been able to make this initiative a reality. Our aim is to get many more biogas plants.

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