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Ananda and Amul stood first in cow ghee quality

The past 5/6 months have seen Indian consumers eating dairy products more including ghee, reports a media daily. Thanks to the lockdown period, Indian consumers had rustled up their culinary experience and reason being there was an uptick of ghee consumption besides other dairy products. Where milk and dairy products are a major supplier of essential nutrients to the human body, cow ghee is a carrier of fat-soluble vitamins including A, D, E and K, which our bodies need in very small quantities but
can’t make for itself. These vitamins perform many essential functions. Similarly, the essential fatty acids, which cannot be synthesized in our body, are also supplied by ghee.

Cow ghee is the pure clarified fat-derived solely from milk or curd or desi butter or from cream to which no colouring matter flavor or preservative gets added. Ghee is an important dairy product that enters inter-state trade too. Due to variation in its composition from region to region and season to season and also because it depends on the type of animal and the feed given, the establishment of its purity often involves elaborate analysis, as well as tests for its keeping quality. Hence, the Consumer VOICE team this time singled out 11 popular /regular selling cow ghee brands and tested on
different parameters including vitamin A, milk fat, adulteration,flavor and taste among others. Read on the report below to know the best cow ghee brand for your home!

11 regular selling brands of cow ghee were undertaken for comparative testing and one can see the brand scores in the below table.

Final score chart

Key Findings of this research are as follows.
• Based on the overall test findings, brands Ananda and Amul secured the No 1 position and Amul was found to be the value-for money brand.
• Beta carotene was highest in Ananda and Amul.
• Milk fat was highest in Ananda.
• There was no adulteration with vegetable fat and animal fat for any brand.
• All the brands had met the minimum requirements specified in the national standards. Therefore all brands are safe for consumption.

The research by conducted by Consumer Voice magazine. They have been doing such research for a long time in different categories of products. Eleven brands of leading ghee brands were selected and those were tested on around 20 parameters.

Testing parameters

Conclusion : Comparative testing of 11 popular brands was conducted in a NABL lab as per Food safety & standards regulation All the brands meets the requirements of national standards for Ghee. However there is no specific standard for Cow Ghee. Brand Ananda and Amul performed on Top among the 11 brands tested.All brands were free from adulteration and passed the safety tests.

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